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Shoe Fit Process

Enjoy Every Mile

Don’t just buy a pair of running shoes. Buy the right pair of running shoes. Learn more about our shoe fit process that we walk you through—to make sure you walk out with the right pair of shoes.

The right fit takes time

1. Gather information

We will talk about your goals, injury history, and preferences to help narrow down the large selection of options on our shoe wall.

2. Check out your old shoes

Your old shoes tell a story! We'll talk about what you liked and disliked about them as well as check the wear pattern to gain insight to your preferences and how a shoe performs for you over the miles.


  • Seeing your foot in motion helps determine shoe recommendations. We'll watch you walk without shoes on, and if you're comfortable, we will use Coach's Eye video software to analyze your gait.

4. Measure foot and arch 

We'll measure the arch and length of both of your feet. We use a Currex Pad to measure your arch and determine a general arch and foot type. For foot length, we use a true Brannock device. 

5. try on recommended shoes

Expect to try on a few pairs of shoes that match your needs, goals, foot shape, and gait. We will discuss how they feel, what you like about each shoe, and if needed, we'll match you with more options. 

6. fine tune your fit

Once you choose your preferred shoe, we will discuss  options to fine tune your fit! Maybe you prefer an insole or want to try a more cushioned sock from our sock selection. We'll share tips and tricks to customize the fit and make your shoes feel the very best!

Albert 2 pro scanner

The Albert 2 Pro Scanner is a revolutionary 3D foot scanner that offers comprehensive and personalized foot scanning technology, capturing unmatched data about your feet, and helping you choose the best footwear options for your needs.

Pro Bike + Run is the only run shop in the area with the Albert 2! Stop into one of our run shop locations to learn more and get your personalized foot scan data today! 

Ready to find the right Fit?

What Our Customers Say

“Great experience! I had never been fitted for a show before, the staff was incredibly patient and listened to my concerns. I ended up with a fantastic pair of shoes that feel great and really fit my feet.”

Kathryn B.